Creating myself..


People are infinitely
varied - and isn’t
that beautiful? Not
a single person is



I want to stand
Before something
So profoundly beautiful
And tragic
That I am undone
Moved to tears
Made to break apart
Tiny bits
Mingling air between us

Let yourself settle upon me

I want to feel
I want to feel


If it makes you less sad,
I’d break my soul into
Millions of different pieces
To be your light.
I am weak,
I am fragile,
But I’d try to be strong for you,
Only you.

Please forget
The way the bruises kicked into
Your heart,
They’ll heal one day.
But inside,
I know they still hurt.
You hurt more than
Someone as beautiful as you
Deserves in life.

So go ahead,
Take me.
Take all of me
And I will try to help fix you.

End Everything


Put the gun to my head,
Pull the damn trigger.
Put the rope around my neck,
Push me off the chair.
Put the poison in my drink,
Place the cup at my lips.

Stop killing my mind,
Murdering my feelings.


Life is transient and time is fleeting; both are beautiful and honest, but in their endings,cruel. The past can be a poignant splinter, caused by the anguish of regrets long past, burnt to down to cinders around us. Though together, we can overcome the mess the bygone day has…


Sometimes when I was younger, I would spin around and around until I almost fell down. Then I would spin around and around in the other direction, the same number of times. I believed that if I spun the other way, it would fix me and make my head stop spinning. But it never worked. I always ended…


The pills make the demons go away for a bit, but the whiskey make the conversations with the ghosts easier. They gave us the training, the mind set and the tools to do their bidding for you. They forgot to give us something back when they were done with us. Our souls.

We were stripped of our…